Pints Ice Cream Delivery

Remember the good old days when all you wanted was the ice cream truck to turn the corner and offer you a sweet treat?  Now, you don’t have to wait . Pints Ice Cream Delivery is your modern day ice cream truck, providing quality custom delivery where your frozen treats are brought to your door.  No more waiting.  You want a premium, creamy, delicious frozen treat?  You will get what you want, as you like it, in as little as one hour. 


Think of Pints as your #1 ice cream and snack provider for your personalized needs in the Fremont and Ballard and surrounding neighborhoods. Pints Ice Cream Delivery is locally owned, fast and friendly. Products include the same local and national brands you'll find at your local grocer.


If you’re looking for the best products from the best ice cream delivery service in town, order from Pints Ice Cream Delivery!

Delivery Area

Hours Daily

10:00am to 10:00PM

Delivered  in as little as 1 hour

Ballard - Fremont - Magnolia

Greenlake - Greenwood 

Phinney Ridge


Delivery Charge $4.99 

No Minimum Order

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